Quick and Dirty Under-Sink Bathroom Storage

I've been trying to clean our apartment. It is tough since we seem to have more stuff than space to put it all. We have to play a game of tetris overtime we need to put anything away. And it usually happens that when we finally get it all in the closet or cabinet (without falling back out,) shut the door and turn around, we see something that we missed. Something that needs to go into the farthest, hardest to reach space. Usually I give up and just leave it till next time I need something from that place. The kids have a hard time putting things away for the same reason.

Before photo (I already had removed a bunch of stuff when I realized it would be good to take a before photo.) before before 2

I figure it's time we organize (as well as purge, but that will come a bit later.)

I had some leftover plywood from the kid's loft bed project, so I figured that would work well. It was a bit damp from being outside in the rain last week, so after I cut the pieces to size, I dried it a bit in our kitchen oven. 250 degrees for 15 minutes dried it right out. laying out the plywood cuts

I measured the space available, cut some plywood to size and loose fit them in place. cutting to size

I went to the Dollar Tree and picked up some baskets to use as drawers. I wanted to get these rectangular basket, but the Dollar Tree I went to didn't have those. I got a similar basket, but it did not have a solid bottom. I'll have to find something to line the bottoms so things don't fall out.

I couldn't find any spare rails in my parts bin, so I fashioned some out of craft sticks. I stacked three sticks on top of each other and used my nail gun to keep them in place. enter image description here

The only pieces that are secured to each other are the rails to the sides and the center shelf divider. The rest are just held in place by gravity and the other shelf pieces. I did this for easy removal when cleaning or when we move.
Secured with screws

Finished! I'm going to go back and sand it down (and perhaps stain it) as soon as I can figure out which cabinet holds my sander.

Baskets: 4 @ $1 Craft Sticks: $1 Total Cost: $5