Using PSR - The problem steps recorder

I want to bring your attention to a useful utility included with Windows 7 - the Problem Steps Recorder. With PSR, a client can record their interactions on the computer and send them back to you for review. How is this useful? For one, if you can't reproduce the problem the client is having, and for some reason you can't use QuickSupport to witness the issue (maybe they work a night shift...) You can send them these simple instructions, and they can then send you the complete transcript of everything that they did and experienced.


1. Have the client click the Start orb, then type PSR in the search field and hit return.  
2. A small control window will pop up.  Click "Start Recording"
3. Do the thing that is not working as they'd expect it to.
4. Click "Stop Recording"
5. A Save Dialog pops up.  Give the recording a name and click save. 
6. A zip file is created and can be sent to the tech via email, or through the ticket.

Notes: It will take up to 25 screenshots of each step. If you need to record more, it can be change in the options menu of the tool. It will NOT record or display any passwords or typing. It will record any shortcuts or function keys used. At any point, the client can click the "Add Comment" button in the tool to be able to annotate a step, such as stating what they had expected to have happen at that step.

The resulting file is a .mhtm file inside a zip file. You can open this file in Internet Explorer. If you're using a Mac, you should use Opera.